We are the most successful, respected and innovative Garments Manufacturers, Exporters, Buying & Sourcing agent in Bangladesh since 1996. Headquartered in the Global second largest apparel producing country in Dhaka ,Bangladesh, we are also fast growing and providing outstanding garment sourcing solution to our international Garments Buyers, Fashion Brand Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Internet Sellers.

We are equipped with the strong Technical wing, R&D wing, Distribution wing, Computerized MIS systems & Logistic supports wing and experienced Management to execute whole business with modern state-of-the-art of Apparel business methodology.

Our approach is professional and to use the cutting edge technology to make accuracy with innovation & faster of the whole business-cycle i.e. from 1st communication to reach the goods to the buyers end.

So, we can meet for any quality Garments (all kinds of Sweaters & Knitwear and Woven garments) and we are enable to arrange you competitive cheaper price with shortest possible production time periods and real time shipment with our strong- network activities. We maintain faster communication for minimize the system loss of time.

Surjamukhi Tex Concern, a rapidly expanding company, is committed to bringing customers a well-integrated work of producers in regions well known for their tradition in the textile and garment industry.

We are proud to acknowledge our staff as one of the driving forces of our company’s success. It is comprised of over 31 high-trained professionals and technicians who participate in continuing education to keep abreast of all major market trends and technological developments. Our staff is guided by STC’ founding principles of integrity and ethical business practices to ensure our customers’ confidence.

Surjamukhi Tex Concern is committed to developing close ties with our customers through integrated services, cooperation, and assistance, which translate into the highest standards in quality, delivery time, and value. Our hands-on and versatile management approach allows us to monitor all the processes, from pre-assessments to shipping, in order to address and comply with all of our customers’ needs and expectations.

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Production & Quality Assurance

STC understands that quality assurance should not be considered an independent process, but a constituent part of each and every aspect of production. Quality Assurance and On-Time Delivery cannot be disjoined, as they are complementary elements of the service that our clients expect.

Setting High Standards

Quality final audit sampling plan: Based on MIL std 105
Quality Final Audit standard: (AQL 2.5) acceptance of defects below 4%
Final Packing audit sampling plan: 20% of boxes to be shipped
Final Packing audit standard: Acceptance of defects 0%

Robust Testing

Our in-house textile laboratory gives us the opportunity to rigorously test all fabric developments, bulk fabrics as well as finished garments. This advantage allows STC to closely monitor and ensure that all of our customer’s requirements are fully met.

Workplace Code of Conduct

Manufacturers will, as a minimum requirement, comply with all local laws and regulations in all locations where they conduct business.

Prohibition of Child Labor

No Person under the age of 15 years will be employed. If the age for completing compulsory education, or the minimum legal age for employment in the country is higher than 15 years then the higher age will apply. In accordance with “Developing Country Exceptions under ILO Convention 138” the minimum age of employment is 14 years. Under these conditions the lower age can apply.

Health and Safety

Employers, with knowledge of the industry and of any specific hazards relating to the manufacturing processes involved, will provide a safe and healthy working environment and will take adequate steps to prevent accidents, injury or illness arising from, linked to or occurring in the course of work. Employers will ensure that firefighting, first aid and evacuation procedures are adequate to deal with all emergencies and natural disasters.


Manufacturers will observe environmentally conscious practices and comply with local environmental laws, regulations and standards applicable to their operations. In countries where environmental regulations are below Internationally Accepted Standards, manufacturers will be actively encouraged to upgrade to the International Standards.

Customs Compliance

Manufacturers will comply with all applicable local customs laws and with customs laws, in the country of importation, relating to illegal transshipment of garments.

We can help you in any query

We are always glad to hear from you and welcome all your enquiries, comments and suggestions. You are specially invited to make further enquiries on our prime products, business association prospects in sourcing or marketing and anything else that needs more elucidation. Feel free to comment on anything you find in this website. We will give due consideration to every word of yours and do the needful.

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The core element of Surjamukhi Tex Concern growth strategy is customer satisfaction. It affects our processes, and staff as well, in a direct causal relationship. The wide array of services we offer, characterized by creativity, high quality standards and on time delivery performance is based on this key element of customer satisfaction.

Surjamukhi Tex Concern client base speaks for itself when it comes to fashion. We provide a wide array of services on the hottest trends in the industry. We have the keen ability to keep up with this ever-changing market while providing premier customer satisfaction. We offer our clients competitive lead times for our key processes:


Research Samples
Photo Samples
Pre-production samples
Shipping Samples
Lab Dips & Art Work

We submit samples of each product as per client's requirements. If there are style differences, such as color or design, we are pleased to include detailed product information conveying these options. We do request our clients send detailed product literature that includes the specifications and illustrations/photographs of products, to help us in our production

Quality Assurance

Asst. Q.A. Manager (Fabrics & Accessories) :
To prepare fabrics quality report, cutting instructions and approval as per buyer standard. And all reports to transfer concerned personnel on each cutting lot and inspection.

Q.A. Manager (Sewing) :
A system of random sampling and sewing quality report to concerned authority.

Q.A. Manager (Finishing & Packing) :
A system of random sampling and sewing quality report to concerned authority.

Q.A. Manager :
A system of reports on final inspection before the goods are ready to delivery and reports to all concerned personnel. The products are monitored regularly with random audit checks by the Q.A. Manager.

Pre Shipment Inspection :

Before shipment, we do our routine work of Inspection professionally.

We, every time, complete the full AQL quantities.
We check finally of the quantity per color and size.
We count up the number of cartons and multiply the quantity contained in the carton to ensure the total shipment quantities.
Whilst carrying out pre-shipment inspections, we keep our critical, major and minor faults in three separate piles.

Sales Management

STC values the active participation of our clients in our core business processes. Accordingly, our highly experienced sales directors promote discussions focused on designing strategies with our clients to build mutually beneficial relationships, ultimately creating opportunities for future success.


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